Michelle Redman

Healesville VIC

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I have been been many things to many people throughout the course of my career - psych nurse, artist/sculptor, personal trainer, nutritionist, Nia teacher,Yoga & Pilates instructor, meditation guide and most recently leader of yoga retreats.

But above all I am a sculptor and people.

As an artist I sculpted bodies out of clay, as a nurse I guided people’s mental health, with personal training I sculpt my client’s bodies and guide their diet with my nutritional knowledge.

I am always sculpting with people to bring out the best in themselves, guiding them to be the best they can be; to grow further, stretch longer, eat wiser, think clearer.

I am a wellness coach who is constantly learning - be it new therapies, innovative approaches, clever concepts, new found passions.

I can always be found on a training course, attaining yet another certificate. And I take these learning’s and put them into practice.

With with people.

My aim is to deliver the best personalised service with vitality and humour.

I encourage you to take personal responsibility for your physical health and nutrition and well being .


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