Michelle Stevens

Winston Salem, NC
United States

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Yoga is my soul music and I hope to make it yours through my classes. Gentle flowy yoga with some strength building is the basis of my classes. Private lessons or classes can be geared to your goals. Healthier stronger back, better balance and increased muscle strength and stability can all be achieved through yoga. We learn to breath more deeply and move with purpose and develop our focus. All skills that can help you in your daily life.

Services Offered

30 minute Lesson$3530 min   Book
1 hr Private Lesson$4560 min   Book
2-3 Person Private Lesson 25 per person$2560 min   Book
4 Private Lessons 40 each class$16060 min   Book
4 Small group classes 875 each class per person$3560 min   Book

Location & Notes

My place
Notes: Appointments only Personalized small yoga classes available 1-3 people