Michelle Trabelsi

Temecula, CA
United States

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Michelle Trabelsi’s love for intense physical & mental discipline originated over 22 years ago in the Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, where her daily practice embraced mindfulness though intense mental focus & balance.

Michelle, a lululemon ambassador, began teaching Power Yoga over 10 years ago. She incorporates much of the philosophy of Soo Bahk Do into her teachings such as, the importance of breath control & using the exhale for power, balance & endurance. She blends Vinyasa & Hatha into a style of Yoga she calls Power Flow & Balance, with much focus on the basics, and offers several variations for each pose, emphasizing complete mind & body presence, while stressing the importance of awareness of one’s own physical limitations. Alignment is a huge emphasis as well as the importance of elongating the spine & deep hip opening poses.

Michelle is the creator of Bootie Camp Yoga®, a power yoga based class emphasizing breath & muscle control, focus & balance, using the resistance of one’s own body, with primary attention to the butt & core. Bootie Camp Yoga® has become the latest Power Yoga fitness craze in fitness centers throughout Southern California, and Las Vegas. Look for her featured interview in the July/Aug 2015 issue of American Fitness Magazine, and also her upcoming video series! Michelle is also an E-RYT & Continuing Educational Provider for ACE, AFAA & NAFC.

Michelle has taught all aspects of group fitness for over two decades, including the art of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan (she holds 2 back belts), Boot Camp & Boxing. Michelle has dedicated her teachings solely to her Yoga practice, inspiring others to incorporate Yoga into their daily life. She suffers multiple injuries to her low back & hip. Practicing Power Yoga every single day, is a HUGE part of her life that she loves to share with others. Deep yoga poses, elongating of the spine & opening up of the hips are a crucial part of her daily life. Power Yoga is Michelle’s drug of choice as it helps alleviate the daily chronic pain she endures, and keeps the body, mind & soul healthy. Yoga gives this former adrenaline junkie the endorphin release her body needs to keep in shape & deal with daily stress!

Michelle, 51 is a mother of 3 & enjoys outdoor activities, including rock climbing, hiking, kayaking & paddle boarding. She is also an up & coming Abstract Artist. She is most inspired by brilliant colors & depth, as you will notice in backgrounds of the paintings she creates & currently has two of her original pieces displayed in the home of a world famous rock musician.

Michelle is also passionate about using her Yoga platform raise awareness for a good cause. Among her favorite charities are: Project Touch, Hearts 4 ALS, & Yoga for Hope San Diego & Temecula Yoga 4 Hope in the Vines, which she created 5 years ago, and hosts every Spring.


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