Miguel Antonio

Hollywood, FL
United States

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From an early age Miguel has exhibited a passion and sensitivity for all things ancient, mystical and practical to be applied for the growth of consciousness individually and communally, and has been actively engaged in evolutionary manifestation and activation.

At age 15 Miguel was set on his path, after receiving a "Sacred Calling" in the form of powerful dreams and visions over 3 months in which he received instruction on techniques of Qi Gong, Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Shamanism & Alchemy.

Since then he has been initiated and instructed in Shamanic & Ancestral techniques of ritual, prayer, healing and ceremony, including strict cleansing 'dietas' and spiritual fasting that spanned over 4 years; advanced Yogic practices including Raja, Kriya and Tantra, Taoist &
Hermetic Alchemical processes as well as traditional Usui Reiki and Pranic/Qi/Chi development and cultivation. Miguel has trained with many Teachers, Shamans, Gurus and Masters during the last 11 years, participating in apprenticeships and intensives for up to 4 years at a time, and continues working closely with his Elders, Shamans and Teachers while carrying the mission and teachings of the Temple of Tantric Alchemy & Shamanism.

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