Miha Potočnik


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His first teacher training was for Sivananda yoga (in Kerala, India). In Slovenia he finished 4 year Iyengar yoga teacher-training and from that on he is proceeding with his education. Now (2015) he has already Junior Intermidiate II certification, he finished 3 years course – Iyengar yoga remedial with Stephanie Quirk, been 2 times in Pune with Iyengar family etc.

In India, at Ramamani Iyengar yoga Institute he also met his future wife, Pilljae Kim, with which he now shares his private and profesional life.

He taught Iyengar yoga at different yoga studios in Slovenia (Cityoga, Joga za poslovneže, etc.) and after few years opened his own myoga studio. Now he is teaching there and around Slovenia from September to June, and the rest of the time (in summer) around South Korea. He has also taught and still teaching at various teacher training course in yoga studios in Slovenia (Cityoga, Točka joge) as in South Korea, introducing them the way of Iyengar yoga. He is also a vice precident of Slovenian Iyengar yoga society.

Miha has a degree in Psycology and is dedicated practitioner of Vipasana meditation. He also wrote a book India: Journey from Lust to Love.


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