Mike A. Zulovich

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Mike was always on the go and he found his mind and body over-worked and extremely stressed. It was in his yoga practice where he began to observe from within, quiet his mind and listen to his heart.
“Feeling centered, grounded and peaceful involves all facets of the physical and energetic body. Yoga is a natural extension of this belief. Yoga represents a way of harnessing all the good energy, focusing it on one point, breath, to create a more harmonious individual and therefore a more peaceful world,” he says. His infectious enthusiasm and love for teaching comes through in everything he does. He specializes in adjusting the body to better align and strengthen the spine and therefore create better posture, better mood, better interactions with the world, and a more centered and quiet mind.

In his classes you will find yoga as athletic, empowering, energizing, and life-changing practice. His classes give to each student, from beginners to more advanced practitioners, the opportunity to enter asana (posture) at different levels according to where they are in their practice. It is recommended to rest whenever needed and to let aside any competitive mind. “Get out of your head and get into your breath” is his message to his students!

He is always deepening his practice, and together with his ex-wife Aida studied at KPJAYI (Krisha Patthabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute) in Mysore, India, and learning traditional Ashtanga Yoga from his Guru Sharath Jois. Proud father of Sofia L. Zulovich.

Mike is thankful to his teachers George Whiteside and Jean Cho from Ashtanga Yoga Boston and to his Guru Sharath Jois.


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