Minimaster (Vipinuniyal)

laxmanjhula rishikesh Uttarakhand

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Hari Om My Name is Vipin Uniyal (Minimaster)
I started to practice yoga in a Hindi temple in a small village called Chogani. I was very young around the junior school. Then I want to the Gurukulam learn to how to take care of myself and learn traditional mantra chanting, Sanskrit, and worships be a spiritual priest. I met a Yogi in Gurukulam, which is in Haridwar, and he taught me more advanced yoga. Gurukulam name called Gurukul Mahavidyalaya. The Founder of this Gurukulam is Swami Dayanand Saraswati. I studied there for about a year and particularly philosophy of Vedanta and mantra. Yogi sent me to a great master of Yogi, Swami Yogananda. I stayed with him for many years to practice yoga asana to get deeper myself. During practice with him, he pushed me to teach yoga practice because he wanted to overcome my fear in front of people. Then I started to teach yoga age of 17. I realized there are so many styles of yoga and then I started to find what is the difference in between them. I saw they are the same, but teaching styles are different. Until now I am teaching yoga to locals and foreigners. I taught in several different yoga schools and I opened my school in Rishikesh for teacher training course called Yogrishi kulam. I have many experiences in teaching teacher training course. My name is Vipin but people call me Mini Master because I start teaching age of 17. Guruji calls me Chhotu. It means Mini in English because of my height. Students started to call me Mini Master since that days.


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