Mirabella Lemoine

Miami, FL
United States

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Sat Nam!

My name is Mirabelle Lemoine, however the spiritual name given to me is Nav Jiwan, meaning New Life.
I first began studying with my mother under a great Kundalini teacher named Jiwan Kaur here in Miami, before moving to India for three years. While in India, I attended Miri Piri Academy (MPA) in the city of Amritsar; a school founded by Yogi Bhajan (the first person to bring Kundalini to the West).
After studying in India at MPA I received my Level One Teachers certification and have been actively practicing since.
I have been teaching for about four years now and am trying to broaden my student base and my connections in the community in Miami.
I am a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher for adults and have a separate certification in Level One of the Radiant Child Program.
Currently I am only teaching private classes although I have worked in Miami at studios, community centers, and gyms alike. Listed below are the locations at which I have taught group sessions in Miami and a contact for my private classes as well. I am now looking for opportunities to broaden my student base and teach much more!
I have a deep love and understanding of the power of yoga and am truly eager to share more of the light with my fellow Humans!!
I have taken 2-5 of the Level 2 courses and plan on continuing my education and reaching out to other forms of yoga.
I been graced to have great experiences and to have been taught by some of the best teachers in their trade who have taught me to teach from the heart with patience and neutrality. Usually during my classes I include an extra lesson or exercise of sorts, either a story (from one of my many adults & childrens yoga textbooks or storybooks), a song, a dance, a game, an activity focused on releasing tension and resetting the breathing pattern as well as the mood of the self! In this crazy age where we are constantly bombarded by so many distractions, these exercises and tools help to control our destinies and guide us to our inner truth. Not to mention the absolutely amazing power of the breath, also known as Prana which can change our quality of living immensely! Kundalini Yoga aims to create a balance between the mind, body, and soul and to guide one toward their infinite Self. I aim to bring you to that balance. Sat Nam.


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