Miranda Jones

Saskatoon, SK

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Although I received my certification in Iyengar yoga, I have studied a variety of different yoga styles over the last 30 years. My instructors include Hart Lazer, Ramanand Patel, Lynne Minton, Mary Lou Weprin and most recently, Diane Long. I am also a visual artist (painter and sculptor) and I hold creativity and self expression in very high regard. My art practice has given me tools of patience, imagination, excitement and contentment all of which inform my teaching style.

I believe yoga can bring balance and joy into our lives if this is what we seek. Yoga is a path only. Our culture has bred a fixation on the asana, but the asana is there as a means to help build and nurture our sense of self worth. This in turn enables us to feel empowered and so engage fully in life. I consider myself a teacher of empowerment rather than any particular yoga style.


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