Miranda /Meena Meenakshi Franks

woodhaven, MI
United States

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Meena met her teacher Nandhi in 2003, He is a Siddhar Yogi from India, inspired by the Siddhar Yogis of South India with their Journey beyond Enlightenment. Nandhi came to the west to share sacred mantras.

Meena literally was lit a-fire and her world was flipped upside down upon hearing his nada/divine sounds. Not long after, she immersed herself in Registered Yoga Teaching (RYT) training. She has been incredibly inspired and enjoys sharing her passion for yoga and the lifestyle that comes along with it. After the RYT, she quickly found work teaching yoga and looks forward to many years of service at Taylor Yoga sharing the mission of Nandhi and the many others that she has met, along the way, in her journey.

Meena has devoted many years of her time working closely with many wonderful teachers. She has been training and sharing yoga with numerous teachers in Michigan, as well as El Paso and New Mexico.

Meena - Taylor Yoga Instructor assisting students

Meena is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT) as well as one of the only teachers in Michigan with approval to give Siddhar initiations. Siddhar Sages are the liberated mystical yogis who journey beyond ‘enlightenment’. The grace of self-knowledge, stillness and the highest purpose of life is attained through connecting to the Guru and the ancient lineage of light in experiential teachings of breath, resonance and yogic techniques. From her mentor Nandhi this is described great in his artwork, as a primal resonance of Light which began dissolving each sheath of existence that was as earth and water into fire and air and finally rested as space. “The body vibrated with divinity transforming into youthful splendor in its manifestations while his mind merged to become One absorbed in sacred wisdom. Nandhi is also a famous writer and painter and His painting is of the revelation of this powerful initiation that all enlightened yogis hope to attain, the body of light.”