Miranda Weindling

United Kingdom

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Miranda first attended a yoga class in 2011, and barely a day has gone by without practising since! What kept her on the mat was discovering a physical exercise that is actively non-competitive and encourages personal growth and development by embracing your own pace, limitations and strengths. Her initial attraction to the physical movement quickly grew to expand to embrace the meditation and mindful elements, as well as embracing the non-asana dimensions of the practise.

She teaches mainly vinyasa flow, yin and yin/yang classes, with a strong emphasis on breath work, alignment and cultivating meditation through movement by guiding her students to connect in with themselves and take what they need from each individual class. Her teaching style is a reflection of a vastly varied yoga journey, which has been one of highs and lows and going fast and slow. She learnt to balance powerful dynamic styles with more healing and therapeutic styles to help rehab injuries and restore her health after a prolonged period of illness.

She took her 200 hour vinyasa flow TTC in early 2015, with teachers who actively encouraged her to find her own mode of expression and teaching reflective of her yoga journey. Since then, her practise has grown roots in some of Krishnamacharya’s (‘the father of modern yoga’) influential disciples. Her bedrock is a Mysore style Ashtanga practise, and is eternally grateful to teachers Elise Greenspoon and Shelley Smith, both long time students of Sharath Jois, who showed her how to find strength, ease, healing and transformation through this practise. Yoga therapist Roni Miteff, student of the Mohan family, has also been enormously influential on her practise with her amazing wealth of knowledge and skill. More recently she did her Yin yoga teacher training with Sarah Powers, whose wisdom and skilled intuition are hugely aspirational, as she continues to grow as a teacher.


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