Miriam Kerins

Galway Co Galway

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My name is Miriam.

I am a qualified and practicing pharmacist with a passion for holistic health and Well-being. This passion has lead me to train as an Integrated Health, Wellness and Nutritional coach, Holistic Massage therapist, Angel therapist, Energy healer as well as a Yoga instructor.
I believe that true health and well-being goes far beyond the medication we take, the food we eat or the exercise we take.
I am passionate about the MIND BODY connection, and I believe that it is the integration and union of cognitive, emotional, physical, nutritional and mental health that leads to true health, vitality and wellness.
With this philosophy in mind, I am involved in the design and delivery of many executive, corporate and personal wellness retreats, seminars and programmes.

My collective qualifications and expertise in both pharmaceutical, spiritual and complimentary health therapies give me a unique and integrated approach to human health and wellness.

Yoga has transformed my life on so many levels. It has brought me back to my inner essence and inspired me to live a life of authenticity and beauty. It has created space in my life both mentally, emotionally and physically and it is my desire and passion to help spread and shine my light and love of the practice of Yoga to those around me.

Love, light and Blessings,