Mirja Meenal Roth

Cape Town 11
South Africa

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Yoga is a journey to freedom, inner peace and happiness!

I see the physical yoga practise as a moving meditation. Body and breath are meditation tools to quiet the mind and focus on being present in the moment. I love classes where an intention is set, this can assist you to a deeper understanding of who you are.

I enjoy the more physical aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, in the same way that I love the gentleness of Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga; including the combination of both in Yin Vinyasa. Students are encouraged to feel connected with their bodies and to experiment with subtle variations in each posture, which makes a big difference for participating joints and muscles and for the flow of energies. I also believe in hands-on adjustments: our body has memory and brought into the correct posture, it will remember.

My classes are filled with love, ancient wisdom and healing energies.
The Asana practise balances the physical body and subtle energies, preparing the practitioner for stepping into pranayama and meditation.

“I believe strongly that the yoga path always includes pranayama and meditative practises like Yoga Nidra and Japa (reciting of mantras) if you want to move beyond the physical. So, come and explore!“


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