Mirka Szorad

Decatur, GA
United States

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Let me help you find your balance, stability and a strong responsive body. I use the knowledge of core and pelvic floor literacy and include the biomechanics elements and foundations in all of my classes for women.

I teach yoga, prenatal and post-partum classes restoring the function of core and pelvic floor muscles in the Atlanta area. Classes are gentle but effective, suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced practitioner. From pregnancy through post-partum to menopause.

All the offerings tailor exercise classes as a whole body approach to clients looking to strengthen and optimize function in their core, pelvic floor muscles, or simply to maintain the healthy function of the whole body system.

Prenatal movement classes will keep you strong, stable, and ready for birth and beyond. Other classes available post-partum through menopause, are a great way to tackle issues such as overall weakness in the body, abdominal separation, low back pain, leaking urine, or pelvic organ prolapse.


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