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Saint Georges

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I am Mit Sukha, owner and the main yoga instructor of the studio, I teach Hatha Vinyasa yoga. I have studied under Bobbi Goldin, a certified Iyengar yoga Instructor of the Miami Yoga Institute. As well as Jason Crandell of Jason Crandell Method from San Fransisco and at the Himalayan Institute. My classes are focused on helping all students, various levels, ages groups and abilities. I teach classes to ages 5 to 85! I believe that yoga and meditation can be taught to anyone of any age, no matter their disability. I am experienced in skillfully applying the practice to help each individual person practice to meet their needs.

I am a devoted yogi, inspired by all the great teachers old and young and greatly inspired by my clients whom I have learned so much from and whom has taught me so much in how to adjust the practice to meet their unique and individual needs. Every day that I teach is a learning experience for me and my clients and using the practice to meet our individual, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Yoga is a giving practice and is as necessary as air is to life.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of my daily classes, Teacher Trainings, Eco Yoga Tour and my Yoga Vacation

Mit Sukha


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