Moira (Eberle) Dickinson

Houston, TX
United States

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Yogini. Massage therapist. Intellectual property attorney. Catalyst for bliss. A change ninja.
I believe that if we can find love, compassion, space, and time for ourselves on the mat, then we can exhale that tiny bit of bliss out into the world and change absolutely everything.

My classes play with the mix of the ascetic, esoteric and ecstatic - and attempting to balance a love of meditation and quiet coffee mornings with arms-over-the-head, crazy, Snoopy-like trance dancing. My classes are nurturing, meditative, sometimes silly, and integrative of body and breath.

Yoga, massage and meditation help me find that space, the interstitial moments between an event and my reaction so I feel more mindful and happier. I love to teach but my secret motivation is to soak up that positive peer pressure and amazing energy in the atmosphere that is generated by people gathering together to share the space and their practice and then shine it all back to you.


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