Molly Cerridwen Brooks

Vail, AK
United States

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A Yupik Traditional Healer, raised by my Shaman Mother and Traditional Healer Sister to honor my Elders and what they have to teach us. Brought up learning and respecting the plant, fungi, animal, gem and spirit kingdoms to better understand the interconnectedness of all life and that same interconnectedness within each one of us. I completed massage training in 2007 so I could carry my traditional knowledge into the Western medical model and work within the heath care system.  I specialize in manual therapy techniques including structural integration shown to reduce pain and restore motion and strength. Traditional healers are taught the knowledge that has been passed down through generations preserving the wisdom from our elders and ancestors with respect for culture, land, religion/spirituality, plant wisdom, and other traditional beliefs.
I am a Master Massage Therapist, LMT, E-RYT, IAYT and a medical education provider. Having been submerged in alternative and traditional medicine since before birth; reiki, chiropractic care, acupuncture, herbs and plant wisdom, and have been a constant in my life. While in utero, my mother sought acupuncture to flip me from being breach and was also Reiki II attuned while pregnant. Needless to say I also was attuned and started picking herbs at a very young age. I knew very early on that mind/body wellness was my true calling. I began my apprenticeship with a western herbalist when I was 9 and spent summers thereafter wildcrafting and tincturing plant (Website hidden by Airbnb) personal yoga practice started in 2005 and completed yoga teacher training to fulfill my goal of helping others find their own strength and courage to move and feel their own body, in all its glory and limitations. Walking my Good Red Road, I eventually found a true passion in Yoga Therapy.  My philosophy is empowering each individual to learn and use the many tools that can transform the body, mind, and spirit with healing potential. I'm focused on helping those who want to help themselves, yet need a little help. Assisting on your path towards whole body wellness is my motto, and I want to share the benefits of healing touch, conscious movement, and speaking your truth. Always continuing to learn myself, I teach continuing education in massage, bodywork, herbal medicine, and yoga; yoga therapy. I strive to meet each person as they are and assist them with their goals.