Molly Martin

United Kingdom

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Molly is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist practicing and teaching in London. For Molly, yoga has demonstrated that our body, thoughts, feelings and mind are capable of changing and evolving, through a regular practice. Mindful of the fact that we are all students, Molly is compelled to share anything that might be useful for others to find their own yoga experiences. She believes that by trying and failing, but then trying again, and again, yoga can take us on an epic journey of self-discovery, acceptance and growth.

Molly teaches mindful flow yoga classes. Her classes encourage students to listen to, and work sensitively with their own bodies and nature. By cultivating awareness of how the practice affects the body, mind and spirit – students create a process of self-enquiry, allowing them to reconnect with their own inner teacher. Molly’s intention is to create an environment in which students are empowered and inspired to find their own expressions of yoga.

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