Mona Van

Anaheim, CA
United States

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Mona was introduced to Yoga in 2005. She found the physical, emotional, and spiritual practice of Yoga invigorating as it awakened her senses and increased her awareness of her inner soul nature. Yoga also gave her fortitude and perspective when she had to cope with the sudden death of her father in 2009. This allowed her to tap into her inner strength and explore her grief-- to feel her pain, rather than flee from it, and emerge more whole and free.
In 2013, Mona decided to transition out of her career in the environmental field and follow her dream to teach and share her love of Yoga with others. That summer, she completed her 200-hr Teacher Training through CorePower Yoga. In summer of 2015, she completed her 300-hr training in Yoga Therapy Rx at Loyola Marymount University.
Mona believes that whatever the situation may be, everyone always has the potential for inner harmony and joy.


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