Monica Munguia

La Fortuna
Costa Rica
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I believe that yoga is a powerful tool for self-healing that helps us reconnect with our best selves and create the life of our dreams.

Furthermore, I am a cancer who loves the water, moving to the music, and having my mind blown. Call me.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

39 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
So much to learn from Monica

Monica is one of the most knowledgeable yoga teachers I’ve ever had the opportunity to practice with. Her studies in yoga, meditation, aryuveda, dance and so much more give her sessions this very holistic, mental and physical benefit. She is approachable for new yogis but also has the ability to take an experienced practitioner much deeper into their yoga journey. Wish I could practice with Monica all the time!

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Monica is a very special teacher

I had the pleasure of taking yoga classes with Monica during a retreat in Costa Rica. She is one of the most calming and supportive instructors I have ever had. After the first class with her, I had to ask her if she could send me the affirmations from the class because they were so spot on, wise, and unlike any others I had experience with. She also took time during the retreat to do a yoga nidra meditation with me to help me with some physical issues I was having. Monica has a very special light around her and I cannot recommend her more highly. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to meet her and be around that light!

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A pleasure to work with

Being guided by Monica was as good an experience as I've ever had in a yoga class, and I've taken many classes! The warmth and ease which she provides led me to feel clear and comfortable so I could relax and open myself up to a fulfilled practice. She explains enough so that you understand why you're doing what you're doing, but not too much, that it takes you out of the purpose at hand. I loved getting up in the morning and starting my day with her. Her expertise and knowledge is impressive, and I came away with a newfound appreciation of all that yoga can be.

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Amazing experience

I did a retreat where we could attend morning yoga with Monica. So guess what ?! Yes, I did attend her class everyday even when I did not feel like it. It was amazing as everyday was exactly what my mind and body needed to exprience in order to go though my day. It helped me connect more with and within myself. Monica helped us make the most of our experience (we had begginer and experienced yogis in our group). She is a wonderful yoga instructor !

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Always looked forward to her classes

I was a student of Monica's at the LC Yoga studio in Loveland, Colorado. I enjoyed the calm presence of Monica in her class and engaging with her after classes. It appears that Monica truly enjoys what she does in teaching. She teaches beginners and many other varieties of classes. Monica does watch students to correct and teach alignment. She brings spirituality to the class, but doesn't present herself as preaching. So miss her classes.

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First Time. Long Time.

This review is a long time coming. I took two of Monica's yoga classes in July 2015 at Casa Maderas. They were my first ever yoga classes. Since then I've had over a dozen instructors in a variety of classes/settings and Monica's still stands out as the best I've had. As others have mentioned, Monica takes care to accommodate everyone regardless of experience or ability, a personal touch that is informed by her years of yoga practice and wealth of teaching experience. So if chaturanga is new to your vocabulary (as it was to me) or you downward dog better than Lassie herself, you'll learn a ton and enjoy a challenging and invigorating experience in Monica's class.

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Amazing, Caring Teacher

I would highly recommend Monica's class at Casa Maderas, which I took almost every day during my week there. It was a highlight of my trip to Nicaragua!

The classes were the perfect balance of lively flow and restorative postures. Monica is a very caring teacher, and took the time to show me how to properly execute poses (chaturanga, crow, and headstand) that no teacher had taken the time to truly explain before, and that I had been doing a little sloppily for a long time. We talked about alignment, breathing, as well as issues relating to overall wellness and emotional well-being. I also received a Thai massage from Monica which was extremely relaxing and beneficial.

Thank you, Monica!

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Fun and gentle classes

I took some classes with Monica at Casa Maderas and had such a good time. Her classes were adventerous and challenging but fun. And she is so friendly and lovely! Had a great time :)

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Authentic positive energy!

I had the pleasure of joining Monica's classes in Casa Madera in Nicaragua in August (2016). I have been to many different classes with different teachers and Monica is truly the real deal. She is warm, friendly, genuinely nice and passionate about yoga and about her students having a positive experience.


The class was adapted really nicely to meet all the levels who were present (one person's first time through to a very experienced yogi) without judgment in a truly positive energetic way.
I learnt some new poses or twists on poses and mainly I thoroughly enjoyed the vibe that Monica created in class, with her own authentic style.
This, for me, is what yoga is about: a full body, mind and soul experience of balance, healing, connection, strength and energetic peace.
Thanks Monica! Hope to see you in Costa Rica sometime....

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One of the best teachers I've ever had

Monica is a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul. I practiced with her once a week at Casa Maderas in Nicaragua and loved her style so much that I came back a month later for a few days. I was also lucky enough to receive a Thai yoga massage from Monica on the last day of my 7 week trip and it was the best thing I could have done! I felt fantastic after. Monica is a very patient yoga teacher; she makes her classes accessible to all levels and is so friendly.


She is always very open to ideas in class if you have a pose you particularly want to work on. This was hugely beneficial to me. I felt like my crow came on leaps and bounds in a very short space of time under Monica's guidance. Monica focuses equally on the physical and spiritual in her classes and ensures every class is different so you are always learning. I can't recommend Monica's classes enough.

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Fantastic teacher!

My partner and I did at least one class a day with Monica for a week while in Nicaragua. We enjoyed the classes immensely and kept coming back for more! She is a brilliant teacher, able to cater the classes to our needs (both beginner and more experienced) and build our skills. For my raw beginner partner, she helped build his confidence and we have gone on to do many more yoga classes while travelling. After the week we could even do a headstand! Monica was also very friendly, full of helpful advice about yoga and the area.

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Monica is a great yoga teacher and a lovely person. I was not very experienced with yoga at all and she made me fall in love with it. After her classes I got to experience other teachers, which was good as well but I realized that I was used to Monica's calmness, her good (which I think is important as well) explanations and soft voice and the great and positive vibes she adds to the classes.


For me it was great to not only do the classic yoga poses but to experience a bit of mindfulness and meditation.
I was very surprised when she said to me that she has been working as a teacher for about two years. I highly recommend Monica and I'm waiting for her to give a retreat so I can improve my skills and enjoy her classes and knowledge again. Also, she does a great yoga massage. All the best and keep up the good work!

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Absolutely amazing!

I was able to take Monica's yoga class at Casa Maderas for a few days. Within just a few days, I fell in love with her class. One of my favorite parts of each day we're starting them with yoga and in such a wonderful/natural setting. Monica is very thorough and makes each class suitable to your level. Also loved the adjustments and overall feel like she has made me want to bring yoga into my daily life - something which I've done on and off, but never consistently in life. Definitely recommend anyone take her class - experienced or not, if you have the chance! Additionally, Monica has a great personality and positive spirit.

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Best yoga teacher

Monica was a fantastic yoga teacher - she taught me twice daily for a week during my stay at Casa Maderas, one group class each morning and one private class each evening. Her group classes were dynamic and catered to all levels and the private classes allowed me to focus on areas that I wanted to improve. Monica offered many great adjustments throughout the classes and offered me several approaches to different poses so I was able to find what best worked for me.


She really took the time to listen to me and help me develop my practice. I also had a thai yoga massage from her - it was amazing. I felt like I was stretched out from a yoga class without doing any of the work. I can't recommend Monica enough - I just wish she would move to NY so she can be my local teacher!

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Made me want to do yoga

Monica's fabulous instruction has completely changed my perception of yoga. I'm a new student to yoga and absolutely loved her classes. I felt both challenged and supported by her teaching, and I was not alone. The students at Casa Maderas had mixed levels of experience, and everyone came out of the classes rejuvenated and refreshed. I loved when Monica did personal body adjustments and helped us stretch. She's such an easy person to connect with and really does a wonderful job sharing her love of and experience with yoga.

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amazing lessons!

ive been at casa maderas for 10 days and taking a yoga lesson with monica almost every day.
even though im a begginer ive never enjoyed yoga lessons as much as i did in her lessons. she was attentive,and accomadating. i felt at ease all through her lessons. i wasnt just the physical aspect but the spirtual as well.
i recommend for any aspiring yoga practioner in that area to join her lesson.

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Great instructor!

I spent 10 days at Casa Maderas and took 5 classes with Monica. She was one of the best teachers I've had. She's patient and accommodating and made me feel totally comfortable at my level.
Her calm way of teaching allowed me to focus on my energy and movement. I never felt out of place or awkward. She was hands-on in adjustments and ensured that everyone received some one-on-one guidance.
Truly a great trip that was made better by Monica and her classes.

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Excellent yoga teacher, beautiful setting

I was really lucky to stay in Casa Maderas and experience Monica's classes. She is an excellent teacher, and is also a really lovely and interesting person to chat to during your stay at Casa Maderas. I enjoyed both Vinyasa Flow and Yin classes during my stay. There was a real contrast between the styles, which I really enjoyed. Although classes include all student levels, Monica really manages to safely demonstrate the poses while efficiently progressing through variations for the more experienced students. The classes take place in a beautiful setting and are excellent value for money.

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Just what I needed!

The sliders did not allow me to move them, so I will be descriptive here. Monica is a wonderful yoga instructor. Her class is the perfect balance of mental reflection and physical engagement. Balance, strength, posture, and opening worked in perfect harmony. Plenty of options for beginners through those who practice regularly. These classes centered me while I was away from home. Thank you!

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Amazing person and teacher!

I was beyond happy to find a teacher like Monica hiding in Nicaragua! I travel a lot and take many different classes and teachers from LA, new york and London to central america. So I had no expectations going to her class. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to the end. Her precence and energy is rare to find in a teacher and she made everyone there feel taken care of and seen. The sequences was also really nice and I took a bunch of notes from her classes the 5 days I was there. If she was in Norway I would have her teach at my studio, highly recomend to take her classes!

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Great teacher and studio

Monica is so great! I stayed at Casa Maderas and looked forward to her class everyday at 8:30am. She is such a good teacher, and if you are new to yoga, very welcoming. She's also flexible so if you're more advanced she will give you options to go further if you like. She is also great with Thai massage. Highly recommended all the way around! Could have stayed at Casa Maderas doing yoga at her beautiful studio overlooking the green hills and blue sky forever...(heavy sigh).

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Lovely classes with proper attention

I did about 4 classes of Monica's and loved them all as they were all very different which is what I was hoping for. She's dynamic, well spoken and incredibly perceptive & well educated in Yoga. I've been teaching yoga myself for 14 years and tend to have a hard time finding teachers I like...It felt like Monica had been teaching for years and she hadn't. I highly recommend her for Yoga and her massage was excellent as well.

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I still remember the session when we said YES going in to postures and everything just worked out. It was fantastic. We had the opportunity to have morning sessions with Monica for three weeks and we slowly made progress in a way I didn't believe was possible when we started out. All the sessions where so beautifully prepared, we improved in things all the time and tried new ones when we where ready. I'm so much looking forward too when we can do yoga together with Monica again and I strongly recommend taking one of her classes.

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Superb yogateacher

I did yoga in Nicaragua with Monicaas almost every morning for about 2 weeks. She is spiritual and very good at explaining and demonstrating poses. She is a superb yogateacher.

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Best Yoga i´ve had

We had Monica as a personal yoga instructor everyday for three weeks in Maderas. Every class was different and thought through.
Monica is by far the best Yoga instructor i´ve had!

//Peder Smith