Monika Lazuk


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After many years of adventures with contemporary dance and theater I found yoga as the most balanced psycho-physical practice. My early training was in hatha yoga, but over time I began to attach to the practice dynamism, taken from Ashtanga Yoga.

Yoga for me is a practice that improves the body but also develops the mind. During the session, however, I am focused on asanas, because they are moving, opening and healing different areas of the body. Through the physical practice – mind calms down and breathing slows down. I am very sensitive to the problems of the spine and various injuries. I believe that yoga has terapeutic (almost medical) impact and I lear how to release tensions and start self-healing processes.

In yoga I love the feeling of suspension and experiments with gravity. Parallel to the static work on the mat I practice Acro Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

I teach in English :)


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