Morgan Clover

San Diego, CA
United States

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Morgan started practicing yoga as a college student in Savannah, Georgia. After spending a majority of her life as a dancer, she was drawn to yoga by the benefits of being able to express herself in movement and of being able to cultivate awareness of breath. Morgan found that her yoga routine became a lifestyle when she noticed she was in a total state of honoring her body and balancing her mind during her practice. Yoga helped Morgan to find peace and the sense of wellbeing. Her goal is to hold a space with much awareness to help her students and give them the necessary tools so they too can feel a great sense of wellbeing.
Morgan teaches mellow yin yoga classes, focusing on poses that are held for longer periods of time. She teaches at a slow pace to create space in the body. By using slow releases into the postures she guides you into improving your flow of subtle energy. She addresses each student’s personal goals and needs. Morgan completed her 500 hour Yoga Works certification from the Prana Yoga Studio under the direction of Sara Deakin in 2013. Morgan is also a Dance Instructor, Reiki Healer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach.


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