Morgan Mazza

El Paso, TX
United States

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MORGAN is passionate about creating space where students can cultivate personal power through the challenge of asana. She believes in asana as a physical vehicle for transformation of mind and spirit. Originally drawn to yoga to reduce stress and to get a physical “workout,” she understands the many doors that can open the path to the larger Yoga. From her first class at a gym she sensed there was more to it than just the physical, and her path continues to lead her to what that “more” truly is; towards the essence of both yoga and her Self.

Morgan uses alignment-based classes (both flow and form) to draw attention to habits and tendencies in a self-discovery process. Student empowerment surfaces through the cultivation of this awareness. Each student is invited to challenge his/her own edge in the safety of Morgan’s guidance. In carefully crafted classes, students are guided into challenging physical postures but asked to journey inward to look at their own reactions, tap into their strength, and become present. She believes each class is an offering of her knowledge and experience in an effort to invoke a process of transformation in students.

After 5 years of steady practice, she embarked on the Be Shri Yoga teacher training program (Greenwich, CT) where she received her 200 hr certification. Several years later, in the spring of 2015, she attended a workshop that set her on a path that would change the way she both practices and teaches. After her first weekend workshop with Christina Sell, she became determined to continue to study with her. Morgan credits Christina for her shift to clearer and more targeted teachings, both on and off the mat. She completed the 300hr Alchemy of Flow and Form Advanced Teacher Training Program at the San Marcos School of Yoga with Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. Morgan is also the lead teacher of the Surya Yoga Teacher Training Program where she shares her passion for teaching with teacher trainees.

Morgan spent 16 years in the northeast but returned to her hometown of El Paso in the fall of 2013 to open Surya Yoga. She holds a BFA in theater arts and a Masters degree in education. She spent several years acting in NYC and seven years teaching fourth grade in Connecticut. Her life has led her to share her voice in many different capacities, and she is grateful to be able to help expand the yoga community in her hometown.


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