Morgan Palmer Hubbard

Amara Valley Girona

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Morgan (Co-Creator of Yoga Lab Ateneu +
E-RYT-200 certified teacher)

I originally came to yoga to deal with a profound scoliosis. This experience has taught me the importance of learning and practicing according to the needs of our own unique body. But it also showed me how to balance in every part of the body, and this is something we all need to do all our life, in some way. The unconscious history written on and in our bodies may be swallowed and held, or expressed and liberated – and let go of permanently.

I’ve practiced many different styles of hatha yoga in the last 10 years, around the world. Having come more seriously to the fertile explorations of modern vinyasa yoga in recent years, I have found myself profoundly influenced by teachers such as Mark Whitwell, Amelie Strecker, and Simon Borg-Olivier. My classes are based in the awareness of our centre, through all its lenses and all its forms, while honouring the body and working without struggling against it. Finding coherence within the wide range of experiences it offers. Integrating the movement and the breath, we come to vinyasa, finding our own individual path inward. Without dogma, we explore asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, and deep relaxation.


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