Morgan Rose

Glen Cove, NY
United States

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Morgan Rose, RYT 200, grew up in the beautiful Appalachian Foothills of SE Ohio, instilling in her a deep connection to nature. Yoga had been on her radar since she was a child, but it wasn't until she moved to NY that she re-discovered yoga as both a physical and spiritual practice.
Morgan journeyed to the Amazon Rainforest of Peru during her final years of college to study under a native Shaman of the Andeas. Returning after college to pursue an apprenticeship with this Shaman and for the opportunity to travel in such a magnificent country. She was drawn to the study of native practices and indigenous peoples while in college, studying Cultural Anthropology. Her experiences in Peru continued her development of connecting with native cosmologies and the incredible opportunity of being a human-being. She spent her years in college working in a spectacular spiritual community that was dedicated to serving the student body by helping them express themselves in safe environments. Morgan also runs an Outdoor Adventure camp with her best friend for kids age 6-14; on a beautiful herbal medicine sanctuary in the Appalachian Foothills.

Yoga for Morgan, is the practice of connecting to our innate nature, moving in rhythm with ourselves and the world; it is about remembering our true nature. She was initially drawn to the practice of Ashtanga yoga, and has since begun to immerse herself in the study of alignment. Morgan believes that the practice of Asana should help us to heal our own bodies and through proper alignment that miracle is a possibility! Her classes are meant to be active and healing, while working to connect to our inner joy with an open heart. She is forever grateful to all of her teachers who have helped her along this path.