Moriah Mylod- Daggett

Phillipsburg, NJ
United States

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Breath is our essential life force that brings us home to ourselves when we consciously make an attempt to contact our body. Often times we forget to pause and notice the body through a gentle, simple and full inhale & exhale. We make instant connection from the breath to body when we become more and more mindfully aware of this vital relationship. Yoga from the ancient language of Sanskrit means “to yoke, to bind or union.” When we practice Yoga based traditionally in breath-work, posture, and meditation, we can begin to create harmony in mind, body, and spirit. It is in this spiritual trifecta we can bring loving awareness and attention that instantly connects us with our deepest in one breath, one movement, and one kind thought at a time. The true revolution of a fulfilling world is to “Begin Within!”
As a Yoga Teacher, I bring only a compassionate presence to guide individuals and groups into a nourishing pathway that cultivates one’s own aliveness. I passionately believe that personal practices such as yoga have potential to be powerfully meaningful experiences & life transforming-- that are in fact an essential connection to growth in ourselves and to each other. I would be honored to share my holistic services in teaching yoga to your clients that are open to receiving lessons. I invite your client’s to a spaciousness in which Yoga provides that truly enhances one’s overall well-being.

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