Muriel (Lily) Paul


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Hi, i'm Lily and my name is Muriel ? nothing confusing i go by both names. I started yoga in 2015 officially and before that Yoga never not even once crossed my mind, althought i danced for 10 years. Followed by a series of unfortunate events, yoga found me and no hesitation was felt throughout my body, my mind and my soul to jump in and start trying out. The world is suffering around me. From frie ds, family to people i may never ever meet. I found out that the work of change starts within, and 2 years later i have s5uck witb mg oractice and made it my first ever discipline that I personally asked myself to get my Guru, Makeda, and she doesnt like to be called as such, has trained me to teach at her shala, after yhe advices she receiv3d from her Guru in India, where she got a RYT certification. She trqined me for free everyday except in Sunday in exchange of becoming a teacher. And here I am taking my practice further one breathe at. A time.


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