Naama Nami Peled

koh phangan suratani

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im an israeli yoga teacher living around the world teaching workshops,reatrets and ttc.
im a mother of two beautiful souls and a partner to my best friend.
i am a wild woman,a story teller,i am a healer.
ive started to practise when i was 21 in india,and for 4 years iayenger yoga was my base. since then its been 16 years of enless workshops,4 ttc,ashtanga,viniyasa,yoga therapy,dharma mittra,perental yoga.
im a deep tissiue body work therapist and a tantra dicaiple.
im giving a space to explore the phisical,emotional and mental flactiuations in a safe,theraputic ,flowish space.
im teaching alighment flow inspired from viniyasa,iayenger,free dance,brath work and tantra.


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