Nadia Lin


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"Each day is different, transformation happens when you start your yoga practice, feeling tired, stressed and leave feeling peaceful and calm”
Trained in gymnastics, Nadia began practicing yoga out of curiosity in her twenties and she continues ever since. She was gradually inspired by yoga’s healing and transformative power, investigating where science and yoga can meet.
YYY (Yin & Yang Yoga) classes and workshops with Lin & Nadia are a combination of mother 's & daughter's approach to yoga, yin&yang. YYY combines a demanding, dynamic Vinyasa Yoga (Yang) with a softer and slower, but equally challenging Yin Yoga practice. Both styles are complementary and necessary to balance our bodies on many levels.

Nadia's Hatha and Yin Yoga classes focus on restoring balance, releasing tension and cultivating inner energy, blending her scientific background and love of research with the practice of yoga.

Hormone Yoga Therapy workshops (blend of Hatha and Kundalini yoga, Tibetan energy technique and meditation) focus on female hormonal balance and specifically on various hormonal imbalances.


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