Nadia Steward

Monticello Amiata GR

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In 1999 I went to Mexico, in love with a boy. Some months later l went home without the boy, but in love with the practice of yoga. Since that first Sun Salute on the beach in Tulum, yoga in many forms and styles has been a consistent source of joy, fascination and focus.

Several countries (South Africa, France, Italy), years of study (at the University of Cape Town, Sciences-Po Paris, Istituto Marangoni) and a string of professions later, yoga has remained the one constant in my life. It is a transformational journey with and into myself, and after twelve years of personal practice I committed to sharing this experience as a yoga teacher.

Much like the practice, the process of teaching is exhilarating and humbling, requires both spontaneity and self discipline, playfulness and mindfulness, passion and compassion.

I now live and teach in Tuscany where I have the privilege of sharing the practice with inspiring fellow teachers and students at the Le Pianore estate, throughout the year.


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