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My name is Nadine Andréewitch. Originally from Sweden, I came to Paris in 2006, where I still live today with my husband and baby boy.

I called my website nârayoga: Nara - comes from the swedish word “Nära" meaning “closeness”, or “to nourish”. For me yoga is also about creating a loving relationship with yourself, with the people around you and our planet as a whole. Yoga is also about finding more balance. By practising we balance and nourish our entire being on all levels- physical, psychological and spiritual.

Yoga has been a part of my life since 2004, although until 2013 I always worked in the fashion industry.
I then finally decided to take the plunge and fulfil a long time dream; to deepen my practice and start teaching yoga. I completely left my life in fashion behind to fully dedicate myself to the practice.

Initially my interest for yoga most certainly came from my father, who already when I was a little child thought me relaxation and breathing techniques. Later on, yoga came into my life like an evidence. I regularly go on yoga retreats and trainings at various locations to continue to evolve in my practice.

When I’m not on the mat, I love creating healthy food and natural beauty recipes that I share on my blog Cook & Glow
You can regularly take part in my detox workshops in Paris, including yoga practice and a breakfast/ brunch 100% clean & green.
Hope to share a moment of practice with you soon :-) Love N


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