Nadine Kelly, MD

Chicago, IL
United States
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For years, Nadine was a practicing physician in a thriving community hospital setting. But despite having reached what she thought was her ultimate goal, something was missing – a sense of true fulfillment. Nadine knew it was time for a change. She would no longer focus her attention on disease. The time had come to focus on health and wellness, creating a rich and vibrant life for her and others. Already a yoga practitioner and first degree black belt in taekwondo, Nadine was passionate about the connection of mind, body, and spirit. Furthermore, she understood the numerous physical and mental benefits of yoga in maintaining health and controlling a range of chronic conditions. So she decided to continue her lifelong journey of evolving and learning by becoming a full time yoga teacher. She received her 200 hour yoga certification, 95 hour children’s specialty yoga certification, and Aqua Kriya yoga certification to teach yoga in the pool. Through her work as a yoga instructor, Nadine is dedicated to bringing flexible bodies and minds to kids and teens as well as healing, therapeutic, gentle yoga to baby boomers and beyond.
“Anyone who can draw a breath can practice yoga.”


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

27 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
A Welcome Respite in Country Club Hills

Every week I look forward to our Monday class and am disappointed if I have to miss it for any reason. It sets a tone for the week ahead and a peaceful centeredness not found on any other day.
Every lesson begins promptly and with a warm welcome to all participants. Nadine consistently asks if we have any requests and then tells us to set out intention for that day’s practice. At all times we are reminded to be respectful and accepting of our bodies. Classes are directed carefully towards a goal, with modifications presented so as to be mindful of where we are at that moment in time.
Every week I leave class relaxed, refreshed, and thankful that Nadine has found us and we have found her.

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Awesome Yogi MD

Average: 5.0
Dr. Nadine combines her medical background along with a holistic approach to her classes. Each class is tailored to the particular needs of the students whether it is on the mat or in the chair or pool. Her calm and patient demeanor sets the tone for an informative yet fun class. She treats the entire person...mind, body, and spirit together to achieve maximum benefits. Lover her classes!!

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Chair Yoga

Superior class

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The Greatest!!!!

Nadine is an excellent instructor and overall professional. She has an exceptional temperament and demeanor for this particular field. I feel fortunate and blessed to be in her classes.
I did not understand what the last question was asking???????
Valerie Butler

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Fantastic yoga intructor

Nadine Kelly is a truly awesome yoga instructor. Her knowledge about and passion
for yoga is outstanding. She is concerned about her students, willing to focus on individual concerns and builds confidence in students' practices. She makes safety a priority. I always look forward to her classes and always feel better physically and emotionally upon completion.

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Yogi MD is the best!

There is not a more dedicated, intelligent, and hard-working yoga instructor!

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Dr. Kelly is very concerned, compassionate and thorough in her field of work, and keeps the clients happy. I'm personally honored, pleased and completely satisfied in meeting her.

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Chair Yoga

Dr. Nadine is an excellent instructor. I had been attending her chair yoga class for appoximately one yr. In that time my balance, posture and overall well being has improved. She makes the classes fun and lively. Would recommend highly.

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Wonderful instructor

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Awesome Teacher

Nadiine has been my teacher for more than two years. She always provides a challenging practice that leaves me feeling so much better than when I walked in. Nadine focuses on breaking down poses to assure proper alignment and breath. She always asks us what we would like to work on and tailors each class to our needs. It is a relaxed enviornment and we have fun with it. I would highly recommend Nadine as a yoga instructor. She is one of the best!

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the best teacher

My experience was pleasant and I really enjoyed the class.

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Compassionate & Super Bright

I know Nadine through a many week long discussion group and spending some time with her in person. Check out Nadine and her powerful areas of work.

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Talented and Informed

I met Nadine through a teacher training we both took: Aqua Kriya Yoga. Through this experience, I had a chance to get to know Nadine as a student and a teacher of yoga. Nadine impresses me as a knowledgeable and dedicated yogi who uses her training and experiences an an M.D. to enhance her work as a yoga teacher. She has a calm and friendly manner that sets students at ease. I experienced her teaching as providing an appropriate blend of explanation and demonstration. While Nadine is knowledgeable about the spiritual side of yoga, she is aware that you are living in your body. One of her teaching goals is clearly to help her students live peacefully in their own bodies, no matter what their challenges might be.

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A Balanced Session

I love Nadine's Yoga. From a supervisor's point of view, all of her participants rave about her class, requesting private sessions along with sharing their input to develop new classes. I also have attended Nadine's class. From a participant's point of view, I loved it. Nadine's comforting, yet direct voice, guides us through body awareness, allowing us to focus on what we are being asked to internally concentrate on: physical, emotional or if it is your personal interpretation, spiritual.

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I love how compassionate she is to her clients.

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Our Resident "Yogi Doc" Nadine Kelly

Nadine exemplifies a spirit of nurturing and caring. She converses with class to find out the parts of the body that might need attention that day, and tailors the instruction that day to include our needs. The atmosphere is made to be one of relaxation and interest. With the instructions. we are given various options/modifications. When we leave, we are so relaxed that we are ready to take on whatever our environment for that day has to offer us.

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Very knowledgeable and would highly recommend her.

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One Unique Yoga Instructor!

Can't say anything but great things about Dr Nadine. What an awesome yoga professional! She works and relates extremely well with all genders and ages.

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De-stress with chair yoga.

Class was very helpful for flexibility and relaxation.
Able to continue at home and work.
My husband and I are both going to sign up for a class together.

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Simply the best!

Nadine is an amazing yoga teacher! As an MD, she has much more to offer than the average yoga teacher! She is extremely knowledgeable about the physiological side and benefits of yoga on top of being what I think is perfect at leading her classes spiritually. Combine those things with her beautiful and fun personality, and you have the best yoga teacher around!

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Nadine, is a wonderful instructor. I was new to yoga and she made it look like I could do it and I did. I love my yoga class. I do not even let the snow stop me from going. It also is fun and I"ve made new friends.

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"Nadine makes yoga accessible to all"

My sister turned me on to Nadine's Gentle Yoga Class. I had just had a hip replacement and as soon as I had my doctor's okay I joined this class. I was a little leery that I would be able to keep up, but I needn't have worried.

I've taken yoga on and off for decades, but this class has been a revelation. Nadine blends her physician's knowledge of anatomy, her knowledge of and love for yoga and real caring about her students to create an approach that is unique.


In Gentle Yoga, Nadine refines each pose down to its essence, making it accessible. She really listens to her students and hears whatever ache or pain they bring to class and is quick to come up with modifications to strengthen and support and accommodate their concern.

The class is well named because it is gentle. We do Sun Salutations against the wall or with a chair, nothing rushed or competitive here. Or we take one portion of the Sun Salutation and do it slowly, with focus, with breath, and it becomes a meditation. In this gentleness you learn to relax and accept your body as it is in the moment and experience the pose and yourself, fresh and new.

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Successful Senior Yoga

Dr. Nadine Kelly is the chair Yoga instructor for our senior citizen program once a month. The seniors just love her and the program! They attend every week and are excited to be there! Because of Dr. Kelly, seniors have a new approach to physical and mental energy! She is a innovative instructor and accommodates to the seniors needs while maintaining a regular Yoga program! Thank you for a Successful Senior Yoga program at Bloom Township.

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Excellent Teacher

Very intuned with her students. Reaches out to all to embrace their 'better selves'.