Nadra McAuliffe

Sonoma, CA
United States

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Nadra found yoga in 2007 when she realized the importance this practice can have on each of us individually, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally -and how it can have a profound effect on how we treat each other, impacting society as a whole. Her love of the practice and realization of how it has effected her own life has led her to become a teacher, which she knows now is her true dharma. Nadra is a certified yoga instructor with Into This World Yoga with over 300 hours of intensive training. She holds the first of 3 Reiki certificates and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. She continues to study and deepen her own practice to bring more to her students. Her own practice of Ashtanga, various other styles including Maya, advanced workshops with Ana Forrest and training deeply influenced by Kripalu have led her to develope her own style, which she calls Lion Heart Yoga. She is truly grateful to be given the opportunity to open Lion Heart Yoga Studio and to share the practice on a broader spectrum.


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