Nancy Curran

Key West, FL
United States
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Nancy has incorporated her background in teaching fitness and adult education with her passion for yoga and the healing arts. She holds a Masters degree from Cambridge College in Adult Education, which is where she was inspired to a path of life-long learning.

She has studied yoga with many wonderful teachers and earned her certification in Alchemia Yoga from the Dovestar Institute of Holistic Technology, where she also received certification as a Reiki Alchemia Practitioner. As a Reiki Master Teacher, Nancy is moved to share this life transforming practice with others.

The passion for teaching that has been with her throughout her life comes alive in her yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. Nancy teaches Yoga on the Beach in Massachusetts on Cape Cod and in Key West FL.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

Nancy is an experienced, knowledgeable instructor. She welcomes all levels to her classes . You leave class feeling energized, joyful, and balanced. Don't miss the opportunity to practice with Nancy Curran!

Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Always a new experience

Nancy is an excellent yoga instructor. She weaves her technical knowledge of the physical body, with the energetic and experiential realms to craft a special experience in each yoga class that I have attended. Whether she is helping me to sink into a Yin yoga pose, or inviting playful experimentation into a traditional asana I always leave her classes feeling renewed, relaxed and wanting more.

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Yoga On The Beach

Nancy is a great teacher, very open, very non-limited and very clear. She has the ability to allow students to "be" where they are in their bodies without judgement of common duality.

She is positive, strong and has a beaming heart space that is quite apparent.

Meeting Nancy was such an assurance in my own yoga path, that I was indeed following the guidance as set forth by my own teacher, Dy Jordan. Nancy's practice was a continuation of that kind of grace for me, and I am very grateful.


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Nancy was one of my first teachers and remains a great inspiration on my yogic path as both a student and a teacher. Her passion for learning and sharing is contagious and her enthusiasm has supported many including me on a deep transformation path. Yoga On the Beach is a very unique space to practice and to grow and to teach and to learn to teach. Bundles of gratitude.

Nancy CurranNovember 6, 2013
Deepest gratitude

Thanks Celine, and what a pleasure it is to share this path for so long with you! I love how it is now a mutual teacher/students dance.

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Grateful for Nancy C

Without Nancys patience and guidance I would not be where I am today on my journey. Nancy offered up the tools to explore my inner yoga, it was there just needed to find myself.
I have become empowered and share this love throughout my offerings of yoga.
Thanks Nancy

Nancy CurranNovember 6, 2013
A Pleasure

Thanks Bonnie, it was a joy to hold space and allow as you found your inner guru! Onward!

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Yoga on the Beach

What could be better than doing yoga on a beach looking at the ocean. Add to that a wonderful teacher and you are in heaven!