Nancy Gibson

Broome WA

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Yoga has been an ever-present backdrop, orientating and guiding who I am and what I do for over 25 years. I'm glad I started my journey before this craziness of asana began and to have had teachers who hold a flame showing me what I can't yet see for myself and who embody yoga as a deep personal practice of connection.

- Yoga is simply connection.
- Asana is not yoga and whether it has anything to do with yoga or not
depends on the energetic of your teacher.
- Choose your teacher carefully ... their energetic is what you absorb.
- Don't study with anyone who has less than 8 years of dedicated personal practice (yes - you should ask them).
- Don't even think about studying with anyone who has been teaching for less than 5 years (15 if you are serious about it).
- If yoga isn't calling strongly to you - don't do it. Go and play tennis or drink beer or do whatever it is that life is asking you to do in this moment.

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