Nancy Hanley

Melbourne VIC

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I specialise in the transformational teaching of kundalini yoga. I teach foundational, postural and physical alignment through hatha vinyasa, I teach relaxation and meditative presence through restorative yin inspired yoga.

My philosophy is to work through the body as a vehicle to balance the emotions and de-clutter the mind. I value the simple combination of movement combined with breath and believe this is key to creating big change in the body, heart and mind.

I provide knowledge of the physical body, with an accent on flow and feeling over postural achievement. I’m really into breathing and the breath – and tend to draw focus there throughout my teaching: Listening to and learning from the breath.

I am intuitive and work with the individual according to where they’re at in my private sessions.

I also work with sound and sound healing with seven crystal singing bowls with both private clients and groups. I play for deep relaxation, for healing and for meditation.


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