Nancy Moelaert

Comox Valley, BC

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Nancy first discovered yoga in 1995. Nancy led a very active lifestyle in competitive sports. After years of coping with injuries and chronic pain she was looking for a physical activity that healed and nurtured.

The pain diminished eventually, while her strength and flexibility increased. In 2007 she became a Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor and Holistic Health Councillor and was awakened to what yoga is really all about; increased self-awareness of our physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual body. This transformation was so profound that it became the base for the style of Yoga Nancy teaches today.

Nancy’s style of Kripalu Yoga invites a deep inner exploration. Each class is a different experience and adjusted to the vibrations of the participants. Nancy’s joy of teaching resonates through the room and her attention to detail is shared with compassion.

Nancy’s continuous invitation to breathe and feel more deeply opens your awareness and encourages you to find your own bliss and inner peace.

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