Nanda Kumar

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(Since April 2011 - Present)

A year on now and the BKSI Yogashala which is situated in Taman Desa Business Park, Off Old Klang Road, is a yoga centre that vibrates with warm positive energy.

It is headed by Nanda Kumar, a Certified Iyengar Teacher who has been studying with Guruji BKS Iyengar and his children and whose immersion in the subject of yoga began in the early 1990s. Nanda teaches at the centre with other certified teachers and his students.

The centre set-up is typically Iyengar. It's wall peppered with hooks affixed with ropes and harnesses, a sturdy wood railing; therein a corner sits the mighty 'trestler', setubandha and halasana benches, and along the shelves are all the other props neatly arranged, such as chairs, bolsters, belts, sandbags, wooden blocks, and planks, to help the students perform asanas in the best and correct way for them.

It opens daily, even on public holidays. The classes offered are varied and appeal to the wide range of students' needs. Total beginners are encouraged to start off their yoga journey with a 10-Week Introductory Course, after which they would naturally assimilate into the Level 1 or General Classes. Thereon the intensity rises with Level 2 and intensive Classes offered to more senior practitioners. Other specialty sessions include yoga for expectant mothers, those above 60s, sportspersons, remedial or therapy, children, and family classes, where parents and children can enjoy a healthy bonding activity together!

Nanda's plans for Iyengar Yoga does not stop there. He also aims to build the Iyengar community in Malaysia through the training of teachers who are so inclined. At present he is instructing Iyengar Teacher Trainees under the 2 year programme, and offering the 1 year programme not just in KL but also in Penang and Johor.