Nanda Lofvers


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Yoga Teacher & Guide
Yoga Styles; Hatha, Strala, Yin, Flow, Hot, Power, Barre, Yin-Yang
Privé-Yoga, Yoga-therapie
Kids&Teens, Parents&Child

Owner and Founder of yogalofvers
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Owner and Founder of MindS2Move
Het is een speciaal voor kinderen ontwikkelde methode die bestaat uit de unieke combinatie van FYSIEK bezig zijn, door yoga oefeningen, lichaamsgericht coachen, bewegingsleer, de Krachtspel Methode en een hierop aangepast CREATIEF deel.

About YogaLofvers

The practice is all about connecting with yourself;
breath, move, feel, relax and be in balance :-)
Life is your main event, so enjoy

YogaLofvers is a practice and philosophy of yoga and healing concentrated on guiding you to move naturally and mindfully in an effective process to move beyond any goal.

The practice can be enjoyed for a lifetime, improved upon with each breath, time, focus and attention.
Movements are slow, steady and flowing, like water as a reminder that your goals can be reached and surpassed, with practice of softly expanding your comfort zone.

The desire to live in the moment is supported by allowing your breath to fuel the movement.
Breathing in to create space and by doing so we let it do the lifting for us.
Breathing out to move further as you go along for the ride.


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