Nandia Santamouri

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I graduated from School of Fine Arts and through my studies I realized the unexplored and inexhaustible field of harmony accrued from body and mind.
Before I meet yoga I trained myself intensively with kinesiology, dance, swimming and Pilates.
Yoga came into my life in 2005 and changed me from within, forever.
I learned what it means awareness, living a conscious life in every aspect ... and discover from the beginning the miracle we call life.
Through daily exercise I come to realize what it means balance between body and spirit.
A whole new world opened to me, I became “addicted” to Yoga and since I have the strong belief that the world is a better place by sharing, I decided to explore-study it to its core and eventually become a teacher.
I had the chance to attend numerous seminars with great teachers in many kinds of yoga.
I graduated from Bhavana Yoga Center "200 Hours Yoga" certification, from the Yoga House of Athens "THE ART OF TEACHING" certification. Also, i took NLP master, meditation teacher and osteology anatomy certification.
I have attended several workshops with Tod Tessen, Mathew Sweeney, Sierra Selman, Jey Martin, Christos Pavlou, Johny Paradise, Kia Nadermier, Esteban Salazar, Apostolia Papadamaki,Panos Katsandris,Christina Mey, Tasos Antonopoulos.
“Osteology Anatomy” certification and Yoga alignment attitude give me the chance of helping people with musculoskeletal problems, improve their life and change their status.
It is a bless that I have the opportunity to help people go for their own journey into inner balance and harmony. The art of being happy while loving life itself.
I do believe that anyone is ready to change the world.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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