Nanette Bowen

Grand Rapids, MI
United States

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Drawing on her Ayurvedic training and thirty-five years as a medical practitioner, Nanette’s overriding desire is to help others integrate and balance body, mind, and spirit by blending concepts from the Eastern and Western models of medicine.

By applying ancient and modern medical practices, she seeks to guide others toward optimizing their health by following a diet and lifestyle suited to their individual constitutions.

Her exploration of the nature of the true Self includes working toward shedding layers, balancing contradictions, and “unhabituating.” Over the past year, she has taken this exploration deeper as a member of an Acharya (spiritual teacher) program.

Nanette is also deeply drawn to the use of Pranyama and the philosophy of yoga—bridging the heart and mind through the use of breathing practices, and promoting peace through meditation and the study of ancient Indian teachings.


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