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Hi, I am Nat
I started practicing Yoga in my teens when my mum became my first Yoga teacher and inspiration.

At around my 30th birthday I had a crisis of identity: realising I had been unconscious in creating a material life full of attachment and ego. This was my unravelling, which lead to self doubt, depression, anxiety and addictive drug use as I had no idea who I was anymore. I was drawn to practicing Yoga at this time but didn’t realise it would have such a profound effect.

Yoga healed my anxiety and depression by connecting into my deeper self through the physical and energetic practices. I finally found stillness in my mind and the inner voice of wisdom revealed itself to me again - a reconnection with my true self that I had lost.

It wasn’t overnight. It took a long time to heal myself and forgive myself for the way I treated others at the time. But I understand now that the difficult path was necessary to be able to reflect upon and appreciate another way of being.

Through this personal transformation, I realised I had to share the ancient knowledge of Yoga and thus began studying and teaching Yoga in 2013. I have had the most incredible teachers and amazing opportunities to deepen my practice and teaching. It is an honour to guide students and have an impact on people’s lives.

Please reach out if you want to work with me. I am open to all possibilities of spreading the healing capacity of Yoga.


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