Natalia Lobo-Guerrero

Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh

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As an Art therapist and a Yoga Teacher I try to constantly invite my clients to cultivate awareness in their yoga practice and everyday actions, as I believe yoga is a way of life.

My classes are generally based on a a vinyasa flow where I invite my students to use the breath as a guide for the flow. I like to model as well as give verbal queues, I rarely do adjustments unless it´s for a safety purpose and I like to invite people to explore their limits and try new things, while respecting their decision to go only as far as they feel comfortable.

I like to keep things real and tear down the myth of the yoga teacher-guru that has it all resolved in her life. I like to bring my humanness into my class and my practice and share this experience and the beauty of being vulnerable with my clients.


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