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I was born in Germany, Cologne in 1975. After I finished High School, I flew for the first time to India. There I got in contact with Yoga and the spiritual world of Hindus and Buddhist. This experience was a foundation for a new outlook on the world and the beginning of my own spiritual quest. The study of various Holy Books like Bible, Koran, Bagavadgita, Kaballa as well as modern scientists like Einstein, Hawking but also Freud, Jung, Osho let me see new and connecting conclusions. 2005 I became a yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya based on the teachings of Swami Sivananda. To become more attuned to the wisdom and practice of Yoga I lived for 2,5 years in India and stayed for some time in the Shivananda Ashram in Kerala. In this time I got the initiation to a Reiki - Teacher(John´s Ayurvedic Healing Center) and specialized myself in Kundalin Yoga according to the Teaching of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. 2009-2010 I stayed 1 year in Thailand where I received the education of a Cranio-Sacral therapist (Orion Healing Center). From Janurary 2012 to January 2013 i worked as a Yogateacher for the Dharana Yoga Centre in my stay at Cologne I gave treatsments of Reiki- and Cranio-Sacral and teached various Yoga-Groups in my own Yoga Place. In this period I got quallified as a Sono - Sound Therapist (Dagamar Bendel-Schultze/ Gonglights). From January 2013 till June 2014 i went to India to attend for a six week Intensive Training Course in Ashtanga Yoga,Pranayama and Mind-Body Relaxation. Since June 2014 I started again to teach Yoga and Reiki at my own Yoga Place and to give Yoga Lessons at the Ladysporting Gym in Cologne from April 2015 -2016. Since February 2016 I work at the Raum für Yoga in Frechen () as a Meditation Instructor and give various workshops Pranayama, Chakra Activation etc) In August 2016 i get the education as Fitness and Massage Therapist at BNS Rodenkirchen () and wellness Massage Therapist at Body and Balance in Gießen (). Since September 2016 I offer Massages in my own Massage Room and from December 2017 i started to work at Aqualand Cologne in the Spa as a Wellness Massage Therapist. ()


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