Natalie Cummings

Dallas, TX
United States

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What makes a person stand out? What is that thing that some have that draws you in for more? Well, you will find that thing when you meet Natalie Cummings. Her energy is contagious, her yoga teaching style is simple yet profoundly educational. She cracks you up with quirkiness and her wit is most of all, the one thing that sets Natalie apart, is that she makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Her light and enthusiasm remind us of why our uniqueness matters! Our thoughts toward ourself and our actions in life ARE important and Natalie truly cares. She started teaching her Cardio Yoga Fusion classes because she knew that she didn't fit into a mold that was out there for healthy living. She needed more out of her fitness regimen and when she couldn't find created it!At the close of each class with her, she reminds us that ~ We are a shining light of wellness that can reach so many. ~How profound is that??? You will find that in that short amount of time you spend with her,  you know in your heart that you too can make a difference by living a wellness way of life!Share in the inspiration. Live a fulfilled life.