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I'm a 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and certified Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner. I initially took up yoga as an alternative to the gym, but quickly became intrigued by its physical, mental and spiritual benefits. After years of practice, I decided to delve deeper and, on a rainy January day, I left my corporate job in London and flew to India - literally going from the office with my backpack to the airport! It was a trip that changed my life, leading to me completing a 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015. I then travelled and taught in Europe before heading back to India where I taught at an Ayurvedic resort in the southern state of Kerala. In October 2017, I returned to India and my old teacher at Ashtak Yoga School to complete my 300 hour training. I'm also a Traditional Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, having gained my qualification from a renowned school in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand in 2014.

And why am I in Ulm? Well, for love of course! While in India, I met my German boyfriend, Simon, a fellow yoga teacher also certified by Ashtak Yoga School. After travelling together for a bit, I decided I liked Ulm so much that I moved here :) Looking forward to meeting you all!


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