Natalie Schiffer

Narragansett/Cumberland, RI
United States
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I began practicing Svaroopa® yoga in 2003 and soon realized I needed to share this healing yoga with others. Entering the specialized 700-hour teacher training program with Master Yoga Foundation (MYF) in 2007, I began teaching as a Basics Teacher and became a Certified Svaroopa® Yoga Teacher (CSYT) in 2011. I have had the honor of studying with master teachers including the creator of Svaroopa® yoga, Swami Nirmalananda Saraswati. I continue to train with MYF on the Advanced Teacher level to further grow within my own yoga practice as well as to take my students further into their practice.

In the classroom, I strive to listen to the needs of each student practicing compassion and patience with those individual needs. My background is extensive in working with many types of bodies helping to remove the blocks and tensions along the spine. I am also trained to work with people on an individual basis to help move through pain either physically, emotionally or mentally.

I look forward to meeting be able to teach you the beauty of Svaroopa® yoga.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

1 Review

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Life changing

This is my experience with Natalie and Svaroopa yoga -


I was stressed and having migraines daily. I couldn't work and was just about ready to blow. And then a thought came..."yoga". I researched many different types of yoga and decided to go for a type of yoga called Svaroopa yoga. It seemed gentle, yet powerful. When I walked in the yoga studio I felt at home. The yoga teacher was very attentive. At the end of my first class she just listened to me. And for the first time in a while I felt heard, REALLY heard. I spoke of my migraines and the anger I was holding onto and then it came...I started crying. I realized I wasn't just angry, I felt hopeless. I had been to my primary doctor, a neurologist, a physical therapist, a massage therapist a craniosacral therapist and a hypnotist. I also tried about ten different medications for my migraines. In the process of seeing all these professionals I did find out I had four bulging discs in my neck. Atleast I had a reason behind the migraines. I decided to buy an inversion table which was suggested by my primary care physician. Well, nothing worked until I found Svaroopa yoga. Thank God for my yoga teacher's patience. You see I have two speeds, fast and faster. This yoga forced me to slow down and become aware of my body. At first, I did not understand this yoga. It was very subtle. Most of the time we were on the floor. We would make very small movements that didn't seem like they could be affective. I was use to boot camp and running. I was use to pushing through things. My yoga teacher encouraged me to continue practicing this yoga. Almost one year later I can say I has made a remarkable impact on my life. I now have one migraine every one to two months, I am much calmer and my body and mind are more open. This particular yoga helps to open your spine. In opening your spine all sorts of openings occur throughout the body giving space to bones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. I have experimented with other types of yoga but nothing quite like this one. We live in a society that holds onto so much, carries the weight of the world and is always running to the next task. How do you want to live your life? Are you struggling with pain? Do you feel closed and contracted? I used to wake up every morning and my whole body would hurt. Not anymore! So jump in. The water is warm. Slow Down! Open your spine and in doing so, open your mind.