Natalie Stawsky

United States
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Natalie loves making yoga accessible and delightful for her students. She uses the therapeutic application of yoga postures to help people access their innate ability to self-heal. She teaches versatile techniques to release chronic tension that facilitate a restored mind-body connection. Through her comprehensive training in yoga therapy, massage therapy and Reiki, she has gained a thorough understanding of how to adapt yoga for anyone. Some of the restrictions that Natalie helps people move through include: Chronic Pain, Pelvic floor dysfunction, postural mal-alignment, unbalanced gait, limited range of motion and osteoarthritis. She modifies postures for elders, children, and women in the pre-natal/post-partum periods. She helps people find relief from chronic pain, stress and attention disorders through individualized techniques.
Natalie teaches how to move mindfully. She is a keen observer of biomechanics and breathing patterns. Through the effortless elegance of her lyrical communication style, she clearly and compassionately conveys how to re-align posture. Her therapeutic hands-on adjustment techniques precisely and gently guide her students to optimize their internal sense of tranquility. Natalie helps her students to stabilize and strengthen the musculoskeletal system while balancing and restoring the nervous system.

c1Natalie aims to empower her students to actively participate in their own regeneration, and to this end she provides a positive environment that is encouraging, self-paced, and nonjudgmental. Her ability to put people at ease makes her classes at once fun and transformative. Natalie is utterly uplifting, unpretentious and in possession of a contagious enthusiasm and humor. Her classes are permeated with a refreshing lightheartedness. She is committed to promoting physical, emotional and mental health through her sessions.

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