Nataly Nitsche

Adeje Santa Cruz de Tenerife
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Nataly was born in Venezuela and after a long period living in Costa Rica, moves to Tenerife, Canary Islands. Nataly starts her career from a very young age; first with dance, followed by yoga and breathing techniques, and also as a thai massage therapist and infant massage instructor.
She practices yoga since 2007 and Yantra Yoga since 2011 . She is an authorized instructor of Yantra Yoga by Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu; from 1st level since 2012 and 2nd level since 2014, as well as from Kumar Kumari - yantra yoga for children-. And more recently after becoming a mother, she also teaches Prenatal Yantra Yoga.
Nataly is also an authorized instructor of the technique "Harmonious Breathing" certified by Fabio Andrico, since 2013. She has taught courses and workshops in Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States.
Nataly studied special education, loves to teach and enjoys it very much.
She teaches in Spanish and English and also speaks a little bit of German.


Average: 5.0 of 5 stars

8 Reviews

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Average: 5.0 of 5 stars
Excellent instructor

Nataly is a very gifted practitioner and instructor of Yantra Yoga. She has worked with all kinds of people and is very skilled, kind and good at what she does. People are very relaxed in her presence and therefore they learn well!

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Nataly is wonderful person and wonderful teacher of Yantra Yoga. She has many amazing qualities. Her sweetness makes the class of yoga very joyful experience. She is very inspiring. I would not miss her class.

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wonderful instructor of ancient profound method of Yantra Yoga

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Outstanding Yoga Teacher

I am practicing Yantra Yoga with Nataly since one year and I feel very fortunate. Despite her young age she has a profound knowledge of the body, breathing, energy and their connection to the state of mind. She can give an expert advice in all these areas. In my particular case she helped me to overcome some body limitations, which I tried to resolve for years. Her good knowledge about the subtle muscles and the mechanics of the movements and breathing is very helpful for all types and levels of practitioners. If she's giving yoga classes in your area, definitely give it a try.

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Nataly teacher of Yantra Yoga

I have had a wonderful experience of learning with Nataly like teacher. She doing of practice something clear and relaxing. Very effective!

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Nataly is an excellent instructor, tradmite very well the spiritual meaning of the teachings

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Buena instructora de Yantra Yoga

Tiene muy buena conexión con los practicantes y es muy paciente. Buen conocimiento del cuerpo, los movimientos y sus efectos. Muy recomendable.

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wonderful yoga teacher

She is a good teacher. She has a nice combination between the spiritual and the body focused. She has de knowledge and feeling.