Natalya Dubrovina

Las Colinas, TX
United States

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Natalya Dubrovina was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States in 2008. She was practicing yoga for 7 years, before she became RYT-200 and started teaching yoga. Natalya has a choreographic and athletic background, including 10 years in a ballet school and 10 years in professional sport (sport aerobic), including 5 years as an athlete and 5 years as a coach for community college team.
Natalya’s main core values are excellent communication and interpersonal skills, self –motivation and self-discipline, and outstanding determination and persistence. She would like to work with different groups of people, but she would prefer to deal with that type of students who are active, competitive and like challenge. It turned out that she attracts exactly that type of clientele since they have similar personalities.
She thinks yoga could help people to maintain their active life style but at the same time provide a better physical and mental health and keep them in perfect fitness shape. In addition, practicing yoga might resolve their personal issues and inner conflicts, restore their happiness and joy, and increase their spirituality. Finally, with help of different yoga techniques and styles of yoga, regular practice would help them to find a balance between the super active life they live and the deep relaxation they really need


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